Faith and Trust

The magic of you

will inspire me ever day.13627908_1259950634022566_999776451_n

Faith, trust, and pixi dust,

and a bit of Disney Magic.


You changed me,

you grew me,

you made me promise never to grow up;

and somehow you sealed it

with a sprinkle of glitter.


Glitter in my hair,

making me feel like a princess,

everyday I think of it

I remember You.


So thanks for all your lessons,

your magic and your dust;

just a little bit of glitter

is all I need tomorrow.


via Daily Prompt: Glitter


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What’s Wrong With Love?

I want to be loved

Like in a love story.

I want to have someone fall in love with my kindness

Or my bravery

Or my awkwardness.

Or for a boy to give me a second look.

I want to be asked on a date.

To be given flowers

And have him pay for my meal.

Better yet, I want him to look me in the eyes

And realize how much I care about him.

I love you, you idiot!

I just want you to care in return.

I’m standing at your side,

But you don’t seem to care.

So carry on,

And be happy.

Just know that I love you.

Maybe the right guy will come my way.

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Hiding in Plain Sight

I stand and I hide

In plane sight,

A button down shirt and some slacks.


Do I look like an adult?

Like I know what I’m doing?

You seem fooled, but I truly know better.


What’s going on?

I scream in my head

As I try to watch the world;


I’m only a child,

Still learning,

Still thinking.


Yes I am growing

But does this suit make me look grown?

I hated being a child

But I hate being an adult.


So here I am,

Stuck in limbo.

Child or adult?


I guess time will tell.

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Express – o

The life force of my veins,

The energy that makes me go,

The fuel to my creativity,

My writing, and my work.


The steam which wakes me up,

The taste that brings me bliss,

There’s nothing like

A warm coffee in your hands.

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A Cry for Rest

Abba Father,

I lay at your feet. 

I give you my workload,

I give you my research,

I give you all my stresses,

I give you my finances. 

Abba Father,

I give you my friendships,

Your sons and daughters,

The ones we both love. 

Abba, watch over them

And watch over me,

Let me rest at your feet as I reflect on your sacrifice. 

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Europe Take Me Back

To walk across the World,

To see the sights I long to see;

To close my eyes and dream of you,

The place I long to be.

Oh Eiffel Tower do you miss my gaze?

Oh streams of Venice do you miss my songs?

Oh houses of England do you miss my rest?

No a day goes by I don’t miss you.

The memories that I absorbed

Now haunt my mind all days and nights.

I sit and long for all that’s gone,

Oh Europe, take me back.

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Pinterest Perfect

She stared out the window, and she thought about love. She longed to be filled with the bliss of it all, matching the picture she had of her life. It was Pinterest perfect style, she was searching for the best, and settling for less when she knew it wouldn’t come.

Wondering why nothing matched her perfect mental image, she listened to the rain as it patterned on the window. Night after night, and fight after fight, she wondered why the blessing of God hadn’t fallen on her marriage.

Days went by as her hope faded out, until at last the words of wisdom were spoken:

“Marriage is not about serving yourself, about looking for fulfillment in your Pinterest Perfect life. It’s about discovering your flaws, and an extension of Gods grace, forgiving yourself, and loving your spouse. So when you feel empty, look to God for fulfillment; and in your marriage be running toward Him.”

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