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Glorious Walls

All around yourself

You’ve built glorious walls.

You name them strength and care,

They tell the world you’re just fine.

But behind your glorious walls

You’re in a ball sobbing

Hiding your pain, tears and misery,

You won’t let me in.

I’m sitting outside listening

Through a crack in your window,

You think I don’t care,

That I’m just one of them.

I begin to cry with you,

Maybe then you will see

That I really do care

If you’ll just let me in.

It’s so cramped in those walls,

All that unused potential.

It deserves to be unleashed,

To be shared with the world.

So please, come on out

Show yourself to the world

All the beauty you’d add

That you’re hiding right now.


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This breathtaking pain

Envelopes my beating heart

As he walks away

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This poem was inspired by my recent mission trip to Haiti. Lespwa means “hope” in Creole.

The hurt, the death, the crying of tears

The hunger, the sorrow, the poor little dears

The lies, the false hope and no one to help


The begging, the trickery, the acting

The stealing, the crying, the want of what’s lacking

The manipulation, the anger, the yelling and cursing


The help, the love, the kindness, the advice

The teaching the compliment, the smile so nice

The finding of joy in the darkness and pain


The joy, the fullness, the love and the hope

The praise, the worship, the ability to cope

The motivation, the future, a life without fear



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My Open Hands

My open hands

Hold out my life

 For You to take

And hold control

Remove the bad

Replace with good

Rearrange all

To fit Your will

I wish to grow

To be your kid

So help me, Lord

Attain this goal

I am learning

How to live with

My open hands


Inspired by Open Hands by James Tealy

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