A Tribute to Growing Up

Remember the first time

That boy liked you back,

How your heart jumped and danced,

 How elated you felt.


Remember meeting your best friend,

Finding that common ground,

That person who laughed

 And understood you.


Remember that class

That you hated so much,

How the routine was depressing,

Boring, and monotonous.


Remember your escapes,

The memories you made,

The time in the light,

Or the times just backstage.


Remember the times

It all fell apart,

How it didn’t work out,

When they just didn’t care.


Remember the pain

That you somehow got through. 

The nights you spent crying,

The character you built. 


Remember the new faces

How strangers became sisters. 

Relationships were changed,

Restored or left to die.


But above all

Remember the good times,

How they all make up you.

Never regret,

Just spread your wings and fly. 


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One response to “A Tribute to Growing Up

  1. Stepping Stones

    A stroll down memory lane….very nice.


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