Reflections on a Mission Trip


I walk through the streets 

Filled with thousands of faces.

What is your story?

Where are you from?

My goal to bring hope

I start a conversation,

But alas!

It leads no where,

A cultural boundary blocks our path.

I pray now to God 

For wisdom and an opportunity,

But His message is “Wait,”

So instead I reflect.

Oh the people I’ve met!

Oh the burdens they bear!

How does my life compare?

I can never understand.

I pray for God’s blessings

Upon each person’s life,

That they may know Him, 

That they come to great things. 

But how big of an impact 

Can I make in a week?

We all will move on

And never meet again.

Was the point in coming here

Just for myself?

Was it a selfish desire

Hidden by godly words?

I’ve sowed every seed 

That I possibly could.

That’s what they told me to do,

But is it enough?

I can only reflect

And pray now to God,

I must believe He’s big enough

To grow all my seeds.

So I stand and move on

Till I find a new face,

“Hello,” I begin,

“Have you heard of my God?”


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