Seasons Change

Happy smiles run by, 

Ice cream dripping

In the sun,

Lemonade and glee

Abound by the pool.


No school to distract

We enjoy all the love,

But alas, it must end

And with a breeze

It’s now fall. 


Sweaters and leggings,

Hot chocolate, and tea,

It’s brisk all around

And pumpkins abound.


The ghouls come to haunt

Followed closely by turkeys,

Costumes and food

Distract us from work.


And then falls the snow,

Bringing close to the fall.

Carols are sung,

And we relax by the fire. 


Families reunited, 

Giving gifts filled with love.

Joy and hope

Make the memories of a lifetime.


The cold now drags on

As the cycle starts again.

New semester, new vows,

A new year of life. 


The sun then peaks out

From behind all the cold.

Flowers grow up, 

And we return outside

To frolic in the fields. 


New friendships are made,

Until at last the summer returns. 


Seasons change

And time wares ever on

Yet love remains constant

Where does your love come from?


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