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A Traveling Door

If I had a door

That could take me anyplace

Where would I choose?

What would I do?


I could appear in London,

Spend the day by Big Ben,

Visit the palace,

Meet the queen for a day.


I could wake up in Venice,

In a boat on the canal,

See all the beautiful sights

From inside a rocking boat.


I could appear on the Eiffel Tower

In the City of Love;

Meet the man of my dreams,

Share a kiss in the sun.


I could spend a night

In the City that Never Sleeps,

Watch Broadway show after show,

And dance with a celebrity.


Yes I could do all of these things,

Live the life of my dreams,

But sometimes in chasing a lie

We could leave a life behind.


I could travel the world

And see all my favorite things,

But at the end of the day

I would always come back.


Yes I hope to see the world,

And touch other cultures,

But without my friends and family

It would all be for naught.


So one day I’ll go;

I’ll do everything I hope,

But I’ll take my life with me,

To become who I am. 


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Tides of time

Tides of time
Scratch away my shore,
Revealing new parts of me,
Molding who I am.
Sometimes it is ugly,
A depressed and anxious nobody;
But with the next wave
A beautiful time begins.
So watch for the next wave
And learn from the last.
A tidal wave might be coming
To change your whole life.

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