Envy Over Coffee

Envy over coffee
Out the window,
Down the street.

Seeing lives of stars
And matches made in heaven.

Is my life like that?
I ask as I sip.
Do they live in fear
That were meaningless too?

Walks in the park,
Framing perfect endings;
I envy over coffee,
Losing hope in my life.

Now my coffee has run dry.


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Searching for Bravery

Driving to a brand new job,
Nerves inside my stomach.
The beginning of my summer,
Am I ready for this job?

Coworkers are friendly
But I know I’m being stretched.
I pray that God will hear me,
And help me through the day.

I wish I were a dragon,
Big and tough and strong,
Maybe I’d be ready
For the things now set ahead.

I wish I were like water,
Moldable and shifting,
But now the work begins
And I have to be myself.

Teaching and learning,
Bending to Gods will
Meeting needs and hearing God
I know I’ve found my place.

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A Distant Look

Moment Out of Time

A Distant Look

Stopping to dream in a beautiful place can always inspire you.

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A Traveling Door

If I had a door

That could take me anyplace

Where would I choose?

What would I do?


I could appear in London,

Spend the day by Big Ben,

Visit the palace,

Meet the queen for a day.


I could wake up in Venice,

In a boat on the canal,

See all the beautiful sights

From inside a rocking boat.


I could appear on the Eiffel Tower

In the City of Love;

Meet the man of my dreams,

Share a kiss in the sun.


I could spend a night

In the City that Never Sleeps,

Watch Broadway show after show,

And dance with a celebrity.


Yes I could do all of these things,

Live the life of my dreams,

But sometimes in chasing a lie

We could leave a life behind.


I could travel the world

And see all my favorite things,

But at the end of the day

I would always come back.


Yes I hope to see the world,

And touch other cultures,

But without my friends and family

It would all be for naught.


So one day I’ll go;

I’ll do everything I hope,

But I’ll take my life with me,

To become who I am. 

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Tides of time

Tides of time
Scratch away my shore,
Revealing new parts of me,
Molding who I am.
Sometimes it is ugly,
A depressed and anxious nobody;
But with the next wave
A beautiful time begins.
So watch for the next wave
And learn from the last.
A tidal wave might be coming
To change your whole life.

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A Gift of a Companion





Fall on my knees,
Pray for God’s help,
“Give me a life
Worth living and serving.
Friends to invest in
Who will invest in me back.
Abba, please help me,
Restore me to life.”





Laughter and love,
A journey to remember,
Growth in God,
A friendship full of blessing.
God answers prayer,
My best friend for life.
Thank you for memories
I couldn’t live without.


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One True Love

Handed a ring
At the young age of twelve,
“Give your heart over to God,”
And she thought
It made sense.

But growing up in this world
Gave way to peer pressure,
“You need a man”
“Don’t wait around for God.”

So the years went by
And the ring was forgotten,
But boy after boy
She felt more and more lonely.

Then slowly but surely
The meaning came back,
“Give your heat to God,
the one above this world.”

So she turned her focus
And put her eyes back on God,
The work was more difficult
But the reward would be worth it.

Only her One True Love
Was the One that she needed.

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