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Pinterest Perfect

She stared out the window, and she thought about love. She longed to be filled with the bliss of it all, matching the picture she had of her life. It was Pinterest perfect style, she was searching for the best, and settling for less when she knew it wouldn’t come.

Wondering why nothing matched her perfect mental image, she listened to the rain as it patterned on the window. Night after night, and fight after fight, she wondered why the blessing of God hadn’t fallen on her marriage.

Days went by as her hope faded out, until at last the words of wisdom were spoken:

“Marriage is not about serving yourself, about looking for fulfillment in your Pinterest Perfect life. It’s about discovering your flaws, and an extension of Gods grace, forgiving yourself, and loving your spouse. So when you feel empty, look to God for fulfillment; and in your marriage be running toward Him.”


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A Gift of a Companion





Fall on my knees,
Pray for God’s help,
“Give me a life
Worth living and serving.
Friends to invest in
Who will invest in me back.
Abba, please help me,
Restore me to life.”





Laughter and love,
A journey to remember,
Growth in God,
A friendship full of blessing.
God answers prayer,
My best friend for life.
Thank you for memories
I couldn’t live without.


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One True Love

Handed a ring
At the young age of twelve,
“Give your heart over to God,”
And she thought
It made sense.

But growing up in this world
Gave way to peer pressure,
“You need a man”
“Don’t wait around for God.”

So the years went by
And the ring was forgotten,
But boy after boy
She felt more and more lonely.

Then slowly but surely
The meaning came back,
“Give your heat to God,
the one above this world.”

So she turned her focus
And put her eyes back on God,
The work was more difficult
But the reward would be worth it.

Only her One True Love
Was the One that she needed.

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Tales from a Christian University

Chapel is near,
My heart embraces God,
Ready for worship,
I lift my voice in song.

On my left I see those
With hands lifted high,
Mirroring my love
For our creator and maker.

On this side
We are a university of God.
But on my left
There’s a different story.

I see students on phones,
Too absorbed to realize
The presence of God
That envelopes this room.

Ignoring their lover,
Finding peace in possessions,
I wonder how it is
They act so well as my leaders.

Yes officers and seniors,
Those supposed to set the bar,
Lower it instead,
As the freshmen take over.

Where is our love
For the maker of our class?
Why ignore the One
Who brings our future?

Thirty minutes a day
Is all that we ask.
Please worship in chapel.
Your cell phones can wait.

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Reflections on a Mission Trip


I walk through the streets 

Filled with thousands of faces.

What is your story?

Where are you from?

My goal to bring hope

I start a conversation,

But alas!

It leads no where,

A cultural boundary blocks our path.

I pray now to God 

For wisdom and an opportunity,

But His message is “Wait,”

So instead I reflect.

Oh the people I’ve met!

Oh the burdens they bear!

How does my life compare?

I can never understand.

I pray for God’s blessings

Upon each person’s life,

That they may know Him, 

That they come to great things. 

But how big of an impact 

Can I make in a week?

We all will move on

And never meet again.

Was the point in coming here

Just for myself?

Was it a selfish desire

Hidden by godly words?

I’ve sowed every seed 

That I possibly could.

That’s what they told me to do,

But is it enough?

I can only reflect

And pray now to God,

I must believe He’s big enough

To grow all my seeds.

So I stand and move on

Till I find a new face,

“Hello,” I begin,

“Have you heard of my God?”

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Glimpses of Eternity

This is a poem inspired by the song “The Taste of Eternity” by Bellarive 


Humans think hevan

is a blip in the future.

Something yet ungraspable, 

Something we can only guess at the beauty of

But what humans don’t realize

is that it’s taste 

is around us

We can touch heaven now 

and feel it here on Earth

God meant for us to

Why strive for something 

we know nothing of?

No, we don’t have all the answers,

But I tell you

When we worship God

We can taste eternity

We feel it’s presence around us

Holding us

It’s present in love,

in blessings, and opportunities.

We see it in joy,

and peace through our talents.

These beauties are magnified

and multiplied in heaven

But enjoy them now,

these glimpses of eternity.

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Inheritance and Waves

My inheritance stands

across the sea

reaching out

I step out

from all I know,

hold out my hand

to take this prize.

But then my appetite

for the waves

comes crashing around.

I loose my focus.

Crying and screaming,

I reach out for God,

surely His plans

are better than water.

He catches me up,

restores me to life,

forgiven from distraction

I am renewed.

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