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Faith and Trust

The magic of you

will inspire me ever day.13627908_1259950634022566_999776451_n

Faith, trust, and pixi dust,

and a bit of Disney Magic.


You changed me,

you grew me,

you made me promise never to grow up;

and somehow you sealed it

with a sprinkle of glitter.


Glitter in my hair,

making me feel like a princess,

everyday I think of it

I remember You.


So thanks for all your lessons,

your magic and your dust;

just a little bit of glitter

is all I need tomorrow.


via Daily Prompt: Glitter


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Just Dreaming

Sometimes I dream

That I can fly off alone

To a place filled with magic;

To a place of my own.

I’d embark on a quest

With a warlock and prince,

Save the day with magic,

Be a hero just once.

Yes, this is my land

Where anything is possible

Where up can be down

And things are not all they seem.

I dream large dreams

Of impossible things

I dream of magic, and quests,

And dragons and such.

But dream as I may,

I’m still stuck in this world

Only to escape

Inside of my head.

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