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Snow White

This poem is a twisted version of Snow White’s life

Down a deep well

Where you used to sing

Where you threw all your dreams

For a prince in his armor

You stare down the well

Looking down longingly

Wishing dreams to come back

But alas they have passed

You changed your whole life

To fit that boy’s need

You fell prey to his ideas

To his plans for your life

You left everything behind

You ran away from the castle

You waited for him

In a house full of dwarfs

But he never came

So you froze in a casket

You were left there to dream

Down your deep well you cry

Hearing the drop of your tears


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The Piece of Glass

Walking all alone one day

I found a piece of glass.

Crying on the ground she lay

Lacking all her class.

She crawled her way in to my hand,

Begging me for aid.

Slowly she told of her land

There the tortures laid.

Broken-hearted, I held on

Scared for her to smash

Any moment she’d be gone

And she began to thrash.

Silently I said a prayer

Asking God for strength,

Wanting to help her with care

but not knowing how.

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Brand New Day

Tomorrow is a brand new day

With endless possibilities

Tomorrow won’t care ’bout today

It’s a blank slate for you to fill


Tomorrow’s a chance for new thoughts

A day where you can dream anew

Today’s mistakes are in the past

Tomorrow you can make amends


So sleep dear one, don’t think of now

Think instead of hope come morrow

Imagine endless things to do

Then go out and do all you dream



Happy New Year!!

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January 1, 2013 · 1:36 am