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Glimpses of Eternity

This is a poem inspired by the song “The Taste of Eternity” by Bellarive 


Humans think hevan

is a blip in the future.

Something yet ungraspable, 

Something we can only guess at the beauty of

But what humans don’t realize

is that it’s taste 

is around us

We can touch heaven now 

and feel it here on Earth

God meant for us to

Why strive for something 

we know nothing of?

No, we don’t have all the answers,

But I tell you

When we worship God

We can taste eternity

We feel it’s presence around us

Holding us

It’s present in love,

in blessings, and opportunities.

We see it in joy,

and peace through our talents.

These beauties are magnified

and multiplied in heaven

But enjoy them now,

these glimpses of eternity.


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Inheritance and Waves

My inheritance stands

across the sea

reaching out

I step out

from all I know,

hold out my hand

to take this prize.

But then my appetite

for the waves

comes crashing around.

I loose my focus.

Crying and screaming,

I reach out for God,

surely His plans

are better than water.

He catches me up,

restores me to life,

forgiven from distraction

I am renewed.

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In His Arms

My attempt at a slam poem. Thoughts?


Why do I feel





like a screw up


Why am i 



longing for more

always searching


Where is

my success

my love 

my perfect life that every American is supposed to be guaranteed?

Did I lose it?



No, it’s standing here waiting

With open hands

With a blanket of love

to cover my impurities

my inadequacies 

my emptiness 

my longing.


HE is here

HE has always been here

HE created me,

HE created my salvation

HE made me so that I wouldn’t fit anywhere but His arms.


Those arms.

Those arms that bring






The virtues we long for

Wrapped up in His arms.

Why did it take me so long to find Him?


Why was I looking

in school

in media

in friends 

in relationships

When all I had to do

Was turn around.


And my search was ended

In His arms. 

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Just Dreaming

Sometimes I dream

That I can fly off alone

To a place filled with magic;

To a place of my own.

I’d embark on a quest

With a warlock and prince,

Save the day with magic,

Be a hero just once.

Yes, this is my land

Where anything is possible

Where up can be down

And things are not all they seem.

I dream large dreams

Of impossible things

I dream of magic, and quests,

And dragons and such.

But dream as I may,

I’m still stuck in this world

Only to escape

Inside of my head.

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Taxi and Reflection

A photo and haiku from my photography blog

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Moment Out of Time


Flowers bloom to life
Bringing me joy and beauty,
I watch from a dream

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Enthralling magic

Radiating from the stage 

As I sit in awe.

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