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Faith and Trust

The magic of you

will inspire me ever day.13627908_1259950634022566_999776451_n

Faith, trust, and pixi dust,

and a bit of Disney Magic.


You changed me,

you grew me,

you made me promise never to grow up;

and somehow you sealed it

with a sprinkle of glitter.


Glitter in my hair,

making me feel like a princess,

everyday I think of it

I remember You.


So thanks for all your lessons,

your magic and your dust;

just a little bit of glitter

is all I need tomorrow.


via Daily Prompt: Glitter


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What’s Wrong With Love?

I want to be loved

Like in a love story.

I want to have someone fall in love with my kindness

Or my bravery

Or my awkwardness.

Or for a boy to give me a second look.

I want to be asked on a date.

To be given flowers

And have him pay for my meal.

Better yet, I want him to look me in the eyes

And realize how much I care about him.

I love you, you idiot!

I just want you to care in return.

I’m standing at your side,

But you don’t seem to care.

So carry on,

And be happy.

Just know that I love you.

Maybe the right guy will come my way.

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Hiding in Plain Sight

I stand and I hide

In plane sight,

A button down shirt and some slacks.


Do I look like an adult?

Like I know what I’m doing?

You seem fooled, but I truly know better.


What’s going on?

I scream in my head

As I try to watch the world;


I’m only a child,

Still learning,

Still thinking.


Yes I am growing

But does this suit make me look grown?

I hated being a child

But I hate being an adult.


So here I am,

Stuck in limbo.

Child or adult?


I guess time will tell.

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